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Your Aspirations are our Inspiration

Shannon T. Pitner, CFP®
Founder & CEO

For more than 35 years, my experienced team and I have worked with each of our investment clients to design a personalized, strategic financial plan that helps them meet their financial goals.


We make it our priority to understand your financial objectives and then work together with you to design strategies around those goals.


Years of experience have taught us that the right approach is to design a tactical strategy that follows the lives, needs and goals of each family, not by relying on a pre-set checklist or a cookie-cutter plan. 


We believe clients choose to work with us because of our individualized consultation that uses a wide range of services to create a sound, active plan that changes to constantly adapt to life events.


Ask yourself some questions: Where do I want to be financially? Do I need a new financial plan, or is it time to update one? When was the last time I reviewed my plan? If you are unsure about your answers, you should to talk with us. Your life grows and has different milestones; so should your financial strategy. We believe our clients are better educated, more involved and better prepared to reach milestones and overcome the challenges that occur in their financial life. Our passion is to ensure that our clients are on a financial path to success. 
How prepared are you? 
The independent nature of our practice allows us to have control over what we offer our clients. No matter what stage of your financial life you're in, working with a professional can help you see what to do next. 
Invest in yourself and your future; talk with us today
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