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The Nautilus Wealth Advisors team is committed to strengthening the community that has welcomed us and made our business a success. We believe in giving back by dedicating our time and energy to create a positive change in our neighborhoods.



Shannon Pitner, doesn’t just invest valuable time in managing her clients’ finances and guiding her dedicated staff; she also invests in the community. Shannon has been a dedicated supporter of The Haven, a center for abused, neglected, and abandoned children in Brevard County, Florida.  She has served as a member of The Haven's Board of Directors and Finance Committee. Through both volunteer time and financial support, Shannon has demonstrated the same type of long-term commitment to this important not-for-profit organization as she has to her clients. Furthermore, the Women's Center is a long-standing recipient of her financial support and she also served on the board of directors of Big Brothers and Big Sisters for over a decade.


Raymond James is not affiliated with The Haven for Children, Women's Center or Big Brothers Big Sisters.





Our team joined in accomplishing the permanent restoration of oyster reefs in our Indian River Lagoon. 


Our team participated in giving back to the community by participating in the creation of oyster mats.


  • One adult oyster can filter 2 gallons of water in 1 hour

  • Oyster mats help restore dead margins in our river back to productive oyster reefs

  • Currently, with the help of volunteers, 70 reefs have been restored in our Indian River Lagoon!


Learn more about the

oyster mat program 


help make oyster mats

at a workshop near you!

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